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on June 14, 2011

Urgent Call for Renewed Civility Gains Support

Mr. Ira Chaleff
Ira Chaleff
WASHINGTON (June 14, 2011) -- Incivility among members of the political class has badly corroded the "foundation of trust" Americans once had in their government, according to management expert and author Ira Chaleff. With trust in government so seriously damaged, asserts Chaleff, "We risk the public having no faith in Congress's capacity to represent the people's interests in the event of a national emergency such as a new financial debacle or major terrorist attack."

In recognition of the urgent need to amplify this call for civility, the Woodrow Wilson Legacy Foundation is asking its supporters and friends to study Chaleff's works. Foundation President Donald Wilson Bush describes Chaleff as a thinker and writer who has dedicated himself to "awakening the civic spirit" in all Americans. In a letter to Chaleff, Bush wrote, "I wish specifically to offer my sincere appreciation for your compelling piece on the Tragedy of the Commons in The Washington Post."

Ira Chaleff is described as "a thought leader in the field of Followership." He is the founder and president of Executive Coaching and Consulting Associates in Washington, D.C. and served as Executive Director of the non-partisan Congressional Management Foundation. He is the author of The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders, first published in 1995. The book received the 2002 Best Business Book of the Year award from the publishing journal, ForeWord Magazine. In addition, his book has been published in several languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Restoring civility to the 'commons' will not be easy, Chaleff notes: "It is hard to change familiar language patterns. Lawmakers need to retrain themselves to deliver their hard-hitting messages in ways that preserve trust in the congressional process and the institution. They need to charge their staffs with helping them do this in their letters, floor speeches, town halls and campaigns."

In his letter to Chaleff, Bush added: "Thank you for bearing witness to the important principles of personal responsibility and community life that inspire in us all a greater desire for civility and peace through leadership."

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Please read Chaleff's important article, Congress's tragedy of the commons in the Washington Post.

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